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In addition to a crystal clear sea, in the vicinity are many natural, artistic and gastronomic worth exploring the coast and inland. All the Ionian coast (along the Adriatic) of Salento is marked by watchtowers built in the sixteenth century fortified structures, warning and defense against the raids conducted by the Saracens. Nearby you can admire Torre Colimena, Torre Caesarea, Torre Chianca, Torre Lapillo; many other towers are nearby (Borraco Torre, Torre dei Molini, Torre Ovo etc.).

Avetrana is a beautiful castle of the fourteenth century. with a square tower of the Angevin period. In the same center are the Imperial Palace of the last lords of the city and the Palace Torricelli Renaissance-Baroque. Here and Manduria are also two very special churches, of different periods, but both of great artistic value. Coming from the north will make a stop in Taranto to admire the magnificent Castello Aragonese who transformed the peninsula into an island when it was built its moat.

Taranto, in fact, overlooking the Ionian Sea and is called the "city of the two seas": the Little Sea and the Great Sea. The Little Sea is separated from the Great Sea by two peninsulas that close to the Gulf, both oriented toward an island that forms the core of the original city, and connected to it via the bridge of Porta Napoli or Stone Bridge, and the Swing Bridge . The island has become such following the cutting of the peninsula runs during the construction of the moat of the Castello Aragonese, later transformed into the waterway that connects the Mar Piccolo with the Great Sea.

Definitely worth a visit Lecce with its Piazza del Duomo, the Roman Amphitheatre, the Castle of Charles V, the Palazzo dei Celestini, located next to the church of Santa Croce, Palazzo del Seminario, one of the most famous monuments of the city ', designed by Giuseppe Cino, with the famous baroque well richly decorated with acanthus vines, grapes, cherubs and swags. The Baroque Lecce also finds expression in the magnificent palaces, although in a less ostentatious than in churches. The visit to Lecce, then, will give the opportunity to appreciate the many goodness Salento, from simple "rustic", the characteristics "pittule", the pizza, made so 'special ingredients unique and genuine, to the more elaborate dishes, of pasta, meat and fish of traditional and modern cuisine.

It 'a popular cuisine, allergic to fashion and quickly, the characteristics of which are far from those of fast food and the food globalization. No coincidence that there is an association slow food Alto Salento, which proposes the 'slow food' to enjoy the pleasures of good food. Dish par excellence is the homemade pasta: you should not miss the opportunity to taste these specialties! For those who want to discover the places of production of wine and oil Salento, we recommend following the oil road and Route Primitivo DOC where flavors, modern knowledge, scents, landscapes and history really involve all your senses.

Many are also the natural beauty to be discovered when the sun and 'less strong and the days for walks and explorations of the territory. In the immediate vicinity is the Salina dei Monaci, natural park that is home to many animal and plant species throughout the year.

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